List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 10

 Windows 10  Keyboard shortcuts help people to do things faster. These Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts will help users work smarter and often faster since the person doesn’t need to take their hands off the keyboard to touch the screen, the trackpad or grab the mouse.

Below you’ll find a huge collection of Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts for use in places like File Explorer, the new Microsoft Edge web browser, for use generally and we also list brand new windows 10 keyboard shortcuts

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

WINDOWS+A – Opens the Action Center (see image above), which includes notifications and settings

buttons like the Tablet Mode button, the brightness button, and the full Windows All Settings button

WINDOWS+C – Launches Cortana, which lets the user search for things on the computer and on the web. It also lets users tell Windows 10 what to do using voice commands like “create an appointment.”
WINDOWS+S – Starts Search, which works inside the Cortana pop up window and searches the web or the computer. Search for a document, a place to eat or the date of the Civil War.

WINDOWS+Tab – Opens the Task viewer, which shows all running programs as smaller thumbnails. Tap or click on a thumbnail to switch to that program.

WINDOWS+Ctrl+D – Adds a Virtual desktop, which gives users a way to organize open programs and quickly switch between them. I put my word processor on one and some Bible software on another while I’m preparing my Sunday sermon as a pastor. A third can hold my web browser with one window open to Facebook, one with Twitter open and a third with a ballgame streaming.
WINDOWS+Ctrl+Right arrow– Shows the Virtual Desktop to the right of the current Virtual Desktop.
WINDOWS+Ctrl+Left arrow – Shows the Virtual Desktop to the left of the current Virtual Desktop.
WINDOWS+Ctrl+F4 – Closes the Virtual Desktop and returns to the normal view if there’s only one extra desktop or shows the earlier Virtual Desktop if you’ve set up more than one.


Dialog box Keyboard shortcuts

F4  – Display the items in the active list
Ctrl + Shift + –  Tab Move back through tabs
Ctrl + number (number 1–9)  – Move to nth tab
Tab –  Move forward through options
Shift + Tab  – Move back through options
Alt + underlined letter Perform the command –  (or select the option) that is used with that letter
Spacebar  – Select or clear the check box if the active option is a check box
Backspace –  Open a folder one level up if a folder is selected in the Save As or Open dialog box
Arrow keys  – Select a button if the active option is a group of option buttons

Ctrl + Tab  – Move forward through tabs

Taskbar Keyboard shortcuts

Shift + click a taskbar button– Open an app or quickly open another instance of an app
Ctrl + Shift + click a taskbar button– Open an app as an administrator
Shift + right-click a taskbar button– Show the window menu for the app
Shift + right-click a grouped taskbar button– Show the window menu for the group
Ctrl + click a grouped taskbar button Cycle through the windows of the group

Settings Keyboard shortcuts

Windows logo key + I– Open settings
Backspace– Go back to the settings home page
Type on any page with search box– Search settings

Virtual Desktops Keyboard shortcuts

logo key + Tab– Open Task view
Windows logo key + Ctrl + D– Add a virtual desktop
Windows logo key + Ctrl + Right arrow– Switch between virtual desktops you’ve created on the right
Windows logo key + Ctrl + Left arrow– Switch between virtual desktops you’ve created on the left
Windows logo key + Ctrl + F4– Close the virtual desktop you’re using




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