Universal Android Tips and Tricks That You Should Know

In this post, we are featuring  Most useful Android tips and tricks. That may improve your experience while using your Android device.

1. Disable App Notifications

On any of your unwanted notifications in your notification bar, long press on the notification for a message box to appear.
Tap on App Info > Untick Show Notifications > OK.

Universal Android Tips and Tricks

2. Disable Mobile Data

Whenever you don’t need to stay connected, disabling the Mobile Data can help keep your smartphone battery from draining too quickly. Turning off mobile data is as easy as:

Going to Settings > Data Usage.
Disable Mobile data by toggling the setting from ON to OFF.

Universal Android Tips and Tricks 3

3. Set Mobile Data Limit

Want to keep track of how far your usage is from your monthly mobile data limit?

Head over to Settings > Data Usage.
Set your data limit by dragging the orange line to reflect your monthly quota.
Set your data usage cycle based on when your “month” starts and ends, and you’re done.

You will be alerted once you hit the limit you have set. Note that the tracked data usage of your phone may vary slightly than your carrier’s tracking.

Universal Android Tips and Tricks 6

4. How To Check For android System updates

For Android users that are using stock ROM, you may want to look for new updates to your system. To check for updates:

Go to Settings > About phone/tablet.
Tap on System updates.
Tap Check now to look for system updates.

Universal Android Tips and Tricks 33

5. Changing Default Apps

If you have already set some default apps for particular tasks.

Go to Settings > Apps.
Swipe right and look for the All tab.
Select the app you want to remove as default.
Tap on Clear defaults.

Universal Android Tips and Tricks 58


Mobile VS Desktop


Universal Android Tips and Tricks 88


Extremely modular: Can easily install/remove extra hardware components to strengthen processing power
Becomes overly complicated when managing a Linux system

Not modular
Rather limited processing power




Stationary/barely mobile
Dedicated space required: Often time large amounts of desk/floor space is needed

Extremely mobile
Often times pocket-size



Desktop: Compatible with nearly all newly released hacking tools with little/no modification

Mobile: Compatible with most tools, though a good number are not compatible
Capable of launching special attacks that cannot be performed from a desktop setup


Nearly unconcealable
Even laptop bags can attract much suspicion

Extremely concealable
Not perfect, but better

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